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Blog Post | Tennis Sisters | Why is it best to have a bond with your tennis partner?

Blog Post | Tennis Sisters | Why is it best to have a bond with your tennis partner?

Since today is Valentine's Day and love is in the air, I wanted to talk about the bond between tennis partners.  Or what I like to refer to as my "tennis sister".  The bond between partners is so important mainly because it is important that you have a chemistry on the court.  I have played against opponents who are so mean to each other  or barely even talk to one another.  How do you win matches like this?  How can you play effectively with someone who is just mean spirited especially towards you as their partner?  I have been fortunate to have partners who I play well with, but I feel it is because we have a bond off the court.  I'm not saying that you spend every waking moment together but again there must be a chemistry.  I'm not expert at this but I have played with some partners that the chemistry wasn't there and it made the match much tougher.  Here are a few great tips to keep in mind when creating a bond with your tennis partner:

  1. Communicate!!!:  The worst thing you can do on the court is not talk to you partner or vice versa.  Many matches are lost by not calling the ball (mine/yours) or talking between points whether to figure out a strategy or encourage each other.  NEVER talk down or negatively criticize your partner during a match.  That's the worst thing you could do.
  2. Know your strengths & weaknesses:  Once my partner and I figured out what our strengths & weaknesses were, we had a better chemistry.  I have a better cross court forehand, she had a better backhand.  I play the deuce, she plays ad.  She's a stronger server so she always serves first.  She's stronger at the net so there are times when she's serving we will switch in the point.  She will come in to the net and I will go back to the baseline.  Little things like that help us improve our over match play.
  3. The more you play together the better you will become as a team:  There are times on our team we are unable to play together in the line up but we make it a point to play together in flex leagues.  We don't want to loose our chemistry.
  4. Be friends off the court:  We are more than just tennis partners we are friends, better yet tennis sisters.  We talk about what goes on in our lives personally, our families, our jobs, etc.  It makes it that much easier to play with someone you have a bond with.

Are you and your doubles partner "tennis sisters"?  I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave your comments below!

See you on the courts!!!